martes, enero 17, 2006

Brocco Sprouts

Brocco Sprouts:

"BroccoSprouts Broccoli Sprouts are the only product that guarantees a consistent level of sulforaphane GS, a natural compound found in broccoli and other cruciferous plants that supports the body's own antioxidant function. Developed by scientists at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, the Broccoli Sprouts and Sprout Blends are now available in supermarkets around the country.
Throughout these pages you will find information on BroccoSprouts, SGS, and the natural benefits found in fruit and vegetables.

Our updated website now contains, among other things, a store locator to help you find BroccoSprouts in your area. We have also added more delicious recipes for you to try BroccoSprouts raw, cooked and wrapped.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of all BroccoSprouts will go to the Brassica Foundation for biomedical research on vegetables."

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